Get on the road to a better America

It was a sight I never thought I’d see: On Jan. 21, 2,400 people walked down the main street of my small town in one of the more than 600 “sister marches” led by the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. Much as I love it, Walla Walla is a far... Read more



New book busts boredom

“The August 5” by Jenna Helland follows two young characters, Timmy and Tamsin, as they live and challenge a society ruled by a special elite population called the Zunft. Imagine you are in a world where citizens are called cottagers, and b... Read more


Cheerleader goes to London

Cheerleader Hayley Taylor earned the opportunity of a lifetime when she was invited by the Universal Cheerleaders Association staff to be on the All-American varsity cheer team and perform with them in London. Taylor’s coach invited the UCA... Read more