Magic is art

Magic is art

Whether it be miraculously escaping from a straightjacket while being completely submerged in a tub of freezing cold water in under 30 seconds, or achieving the impossible by causing the Statue of Liberty to vanish into thin air in front of... Read more



New book busts boredom

“The August 5” by Jenna Helland follows two young characters, Timmy and Tamsin, as they live and challenge a society ruled by a special elite population called the Zunft. Imagine you are in a world where citizens are called cottagers, and b... Read more


Cheerleader goes to London

Cheerleader Hayley Taylor earned the opportunity of a lifetime when she was invited by the Universal Cheerleaders Association staff to be on the All-American varsity cheer team and perform with them in London. Taylor’s coach invited the UCA... Read more